Thoughts on Traktor Scratch VS Serato

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Mar 11, 2007
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im thinking of upgrading to include one of these in my dj setup at home to try and save some time, as i dont get a lot of time to burn cd's for my cdj's etc, so thought this would help me out, just connect it up to my macbook pro, so should all be good, my prob is deciding which one, they both are same price really, and i already have traktor 3 so...

thoughts from any of you, anyone have serato???
I haven't used either one, but I've heard much DJ feedback on them, and they say that Serato is the best
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I recently just got Traktor Scratch for the same reason as yours, they just recently did an update that made the mixing a hella lot smoother now. Never really had any problems since the update, and I also had to throw in an extra gig of ram which made the whole thing run smoother. So now Im running on 2 gigs of ram on my mac pro. My guess, if you wanna be on the safe side, go for Serato since its been around for awhile. Traktor Scratch is still kinda new so its still developing. But soo far, im satisfied with it!:smile1: You may also wanna look into Virtual DJ while your at it! Ive actually herd some pretty amazing reviews on it.:yes:
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yeah im aware of virtual dj, im not a fan of it, im very familiar with traktor thats all, used it since it was first released way back since version 1 and even the basic player they made! if i can find some more comforting things on traktor scratch then i think that will be the go for me, as i might incorporate it into traktor 3 thats i alread have!

thanks for your help guys, will keep looking!

ADAM MEZA: yeah the 2gb ram issue i would think would be a standard thing really, 2gb has kinda become a sort of standard now for most musical things, especially latency wwise for such things like that, as i thought it worthwhile to get my mac pro already built with 2gb, i was even considering more but thought id wait as it might be a waste depending on cpu~!

cheers :smile1:
A lot of the Djs I know are using Serato. Runs about $600 here in the States depending where you get it at. Only problems that some people are having are issues with Windows Vista not "recoginizing" the program.

I say go with Serato. Just make sure that there are no issues with installing the program and all.

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Right now I am using Serato and I love it. The only thing about Traktor Scratch is basically the GUI and the effects that you can do. Both are really amazing programs and you really can't go wrong with either. The reason why I still have Serato is because I already own a DJM800 so I didnt see the reason to have Traktor when I already have effects on my DJM800. Thats the only drawback; while every other DJ program out there has effects, Serato doesn't. Either way you can't go wrong. Serato is rock solid and NEVER gave me any problems while running it. The search function is great too because you don't have to press [Enter] after you typed in the track you want to search for. It already detects it. In Traktor you have to press enter. It makes it faster to search [to me] and thats what I love about it. I've seen some used Serato's going for about 350-400 USD so if you're thinking of buying Serato, used is really cheap! Won't really need to worry about damage because that thing is built like a tank!
if you're having this discussion, you also need to take torq into account :)
if you're having this discussion, you also need to take torq into account :)

before i got serato i bought torq. i thought torq was really cool because it was cheaper and it had effects! boy was i wrong! i had all sorta of problems with torq for some reason. it wasnt my computer because i have a macbook pro with 4gb of ram and a clean filesystem. maybe its was the program? i was getting all kinds of drop outs and the sound quality was really bad when you switched to use some of your vinyl while mixing with the mp3s. i ditched it within 2-3 weeks from buying it. m-audio had a great concept but they really didn't deliver with torq product. stay awayyy from torq. :wavecry:

like the always say... you get what you pay for!

Sorry, but I had to laugh at that, because all software written for a Mac is perfect :P as if!

Id put my dollars on Apple software over Microsoft :P ive gotta say, i would think Apple would hold back a major release to make it right to some extent, Microsoft would release it and send out the updates to get later, hence why we get so many windows alerts in the corner of our screens!

i love that you can use only one update program in OSX tiger/leopard, find updates for everything relevant, download ones you want, when you want, and unlike microsoft, they actually explain what the update is better, and the size etc!

anyone recognise things like this:

"Size: 193 KB - 830 KB

This is a reliability update. Install this update to improve the stability of computers running Windows XP. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer." :P:lol:


"Size: 2.0 MB - 8.3 MB

Security issues have been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise a system running Internet Explorer and gain control over it. You can help protect your system by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer." :lolz:

Sound Familiar??? :whistle:
Hi guys, been a while since this thread started i know, been busy working!

Anyway wanted to let you all know that i decided on 'Traktor Scratch', reason being is that i have been familiar with Traktor for a very long time now, i like that hands on feel i still get, and am now using the hardware along with traktor 3, setup accordingly how i want it! (oh and for those that are aware unfortunately both traktor 3 and traktor scratch were bought outside of the deal they are now offering, DAMN IT!!!)

Purchasing 'Traktor Scratch' has offcourse got me out of my current problem in that i had the time to shop for tunes and download them but got sick of having to wait till id burned everything so i could mix properly with my mixer and cdj's, this way i can mix with them faster! i do still burn things offcourse, but with not as much of a rush to it, as i can still mix with my new tunes, and they are always backed up on either my pc or laptop!

For those considering any of these products i can reccommend traktor scratch, it does not lag, although this relies on having a pc or laptop that can handle the load of running such software and hardware on the fly without too much latency!

anyway my novel is over, thanks for all that gave feedback!

:super:"may your mixing be hands on":super:
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