Tiesto - Elements of Life


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Aug 8, 2006
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I recently bought Elements of Life! The new album of Tijs Verwest :love:

01.Tiesto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise[07:31]
02.Tiesto Feat JES - Everything[07:01]
03.Tiesto Feat Julie Thompson - Do You Feel Me[06:03]
04.Tiesto - Carpe Noctum[07:03]
05.Tiesto - Driving To Heaven[04:42]
06.Tiesto Feat Charlotte Martin - Sweet Things[05:42]
07.Tiesto - Bright Morningstar[08:19]
08.Tiesto Feat BT - Break My Fall[07:14]
09.Tiesto Feat Christian Burns - In The Dark[04:36]
10.Tiesto Feat Maxi Jazz - Dance4life[05:22]
11.Tiesto - Elements Of Life[08:25]
12.Tiesto - He's A Pirate (Tiesto Remix)[07:00]


I think many of the tracks need to grow on me. Post here your thoughts of this album. My revieuws, later..
I thought it was disappointing... Only one track worth going back to listen.
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Tiesto needs to go back and do his homework. I'm going to go with what my boy Naveed said, only one track was worth listening to.
Yeah pretty decent album, no "wow" experience.
But im going to give it a couple of spins..make it grow =)
I so love 02.Tiesto Feat JES - Everything[07:01] Vocals and beat are matching eachother like perfect. Also I think most of the tracks from the album will do great on de dancefloor.
terrible album :p .. How could you buy it, didnt think it was out till april? ;) hehe
terrible album :p .. How could you buy it, didnt think it was out till april? ;) hehe

I know this album is going around illegal but I'm the first one to get the original cd from Freerecordshop. A guy I know could get it earlier than the official release. I had to play a little more though.

Also someone send me the album as in a mix.. :)
this cd sucks i had it for like 2 moths before it came and nothing special ...... i do like in the dark track tho is good but i feel sorry for all of u that had to pay and no ididnt dl from a warez or anythign im just special lol ........
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I like the album, especially the vocal tracks; the whole thing has an in search of sunrise feeling to me so I'm glad Tiesto evolved his sound and renews his vision of trance :)
Not really diggin' this album. I think that 'Break My Fall' is a great track though. BT has some mad vocals.
LOL:)) What are you talking about!! This album is great , I love this CD , one of my favourite
Nice album, but....this style....too much strange samples!
Question:what happened with Tiesto ?
Nothing, Trance music is splitting up in diffrent genre's and DJ's are trying new stylez.
The Album has gone Gold in Holland more then 40.000 where sold already.
you know same things happened with this album as with oakenfold latest album, they both went onto the weird, cheap, crappy produced mainstream dance crap. i expected alot better, this album in my opinion was not worth even downloading it for free haha, same goes with oakenfold. but you never know with the remixes, that i cant wait for!
Ktos wie gdzie mozna dorweac seta Tiesto z koncertu w Hali Ludowej we wrocławiu ???