Tiesto Studio Interview (LOL)

Aahh, Delete

Well some people might find it funny, althougth the subtitle's aren't quite rigth, acctually the don't even come close ;)

Nice Studio though :)
I'm a Tiesto fan, and I do like the joke :P
haha thats hilarious.. Naveed u made my day with that lol... best line in the whole vid, "But since im the second coming of christ.. " hahaha i laughed my ass off :lmao:

[This is a part of interview that dont get in video].

Man - Do u think u r tallent?
Tiesto - No. No. pff...
Tiesto - I can't live with such big sin. A told u the truth. In fact i didn't whrote my track.
That's all my dog! And the last album it the DOG album too. and in fact i su*k dog anus..:)
this interview was on belgian television originally btw ;)

:lolz: and whats true now ... i heard years ago that he is just doing a dj job ... traxx are written by somebody elise ... maybe his dog ... why not ... :lolz: