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Mar 6, 2007
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Lately, my musical renditions have envisioned craze toward quest. The goal has been to leap rather than to step toward something interesting, in electronic music. "Yet Again" certainly reveals a much different Godfrey, a darker yet still existent classy Godfrey. The direction of this release represents the truth that keeps my passion afloat.

Intelligent drum & bass percussions, minimal trance waves, and techno grooves encapsulate the essence of "Yet Again" making it an honest prototype of the darbuka trance sound that I have been constructing. With reference to "Model 25," one of my best and proven attempts at coalescing tribal, deep techno, and intelligent drum & bass percussion, "Yet Again" is house and trance laden. However, it is more club and dance friendly than are my previous releases. The atmosphere is bouncier and punchier, techy and drum driven with a hint of darkness and changing sequences.

Moving forward, my productions are transitioning drastically from just artful expressions to thumping floor statements. It would behoove me to release material that others might not expect of my nature in production. Otherwise, my musical aptitude would stall. With more similar and similarly different projects ahead, such as "Yet Again," the more clearly and more successfully I will able myself to communicate personal growth in music. Moreover, others will have further knowledge about my direction and capabilities, in this art form. I would like my fans and those who have recently drawn interest in my work to understand that I am boundless, yet structured and that I will continue to deliver and recreate what I have initially loved alongside newer comings.

Brandon A. Godfrey - Yet Again
Release Date: June 12, 2008