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torrnet download

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Nov 9, 2007
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whats up with the torrnet download why its not working and do i have to pay in order to download now soundr please get back to me:music:
what exactly is not working?
when u search from something this paypal logo appears and u just have to donate... but in the upper left its written under construction... so so I guess its not working
this torrent thing is not a "right" it's a "feature"... and since noone donated we're thinking about bringing it down...
so pls don't moan about that we don't allow to download, rather support this feature to keep it alive...
t4l and other shows

:music:can aneyone tell me why thare isnt new torrnet to download today
thare was alot of shows yesrerday :)
yesterdays shows are up now
seems like the best place to put this:

Anybody know when UK in the Mix will be uploaded? I know Kowy usually deals with the pack torrents :)
yeah i think he is working on it, should be upped soon tho.
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