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total newb

mr. monster

Apr 18, 2009
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ok, so im a total newbie...I have been listening to the afterhours fm stream for a while now and I really want to start creating my own beats n such.
atm i have no gear, save a pretty dec. computer. I have been checking out the Korg KP3 machine, which looks pretty dope for modifying loops and such.. i have a fairly tight budget -_- but atm I am more worried about the knowledge..
so can you help me out? where would i find some good begginner resources? what exactly is used in the creation of the beats that you dj's lay down?
like Flstudio..reason4.0, i dont even know what they do exactly..but i hear thats apart of the process.
I was also checkin out some snyths..but at the moment, its out of my price range...what gear should be my priorities?