Track called "why" from who?


Feb 24, 2007
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OK, this is really bugging me, I can't find it when I want it, which is right now.
This track is quite new, and have heard it in several of the recent sets.
This is weak, but the male vocal goes like this:

OK, I found it on EuphonicSessions Kyau & Albert 16:00/61:12
here's some if the lyrics:
"I don't know why, I don't know who can help me.....,i feel it from my feet, my bodies rising.... I got my hand in....."
Meck feat Dino - Feels Like Home (Marco V Remix)
OH Crap.
I'm thinking of 2 different tracks

Thx Tomek, I wanted that one too

But I still can't figure out the first one.
with the simple vocal: Whyyyyyy
maybe fkn feat jahala - why ? also remixed by aly & fila
maybe fkn feat jahala - why ? also remixed by aly & fila

YES, thats it. Thx Tomek :)

and thx to DJ Jusha, he got it too.

Just love the vocal:P
OMG, the Aly & fila remix is so full of energy, excellent ride.:):wow:
does anyone know the 3rd track sean tyas played at one year anniversary??? cant find it..can someone help please