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Track im trying to id...


Jun 7, 2006
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Ive heard it on a couple fergie sets, and both sets have an incorrect track ID. from 3-25-06 he has it listed as richard dinsdale - code red, and the week after he says its audio jack - robot. Well, i can confirm its niether :) Ive also heard some reall sweet remixes of this track.

Below is a sample.

Sample <- Click
sorry i cant help its not my style :p and i hear it the first time in my life :p
Im usually a trance guy, but after going to Ultra this year, ive been liking the electro house as well. I love that tune! you have to hear the whole thing before you comment though :) check themixingbowl, and get a copy of fergie from 3-25 or 4-1