Track in the bg of Global Countdown (DEC 18th)


Jul 18, 2010
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What is the track that is playing in the background of the ad for the upcoming Trance Countdown? Sorry if I don't know the exact event name, I just know it's been playing between the shows lately and I really like the song that is in the background.:music:
Lol, nobody? 53 views, 5 days.... nobody knows that song?
Unfortunately I do not have a sample and the song (Ferry Tayle & Stonevalley - Battle of the Barrels) that was suggested in the other thread wasn't correct. They aren't going to be playing the advertisement for this radio show anymore since it's now time for the radio show to play so I fear I will never know what song that was unless someone some how has a sample of it.

It might be in one of the mp3 sets from the previous weeks.

Any further help is greatly appreciated.
Yeah I just saw that in the other thread. Unfortunately it is not that one either. It's the track that is playing in the beginning of the promo while the guy is talking about the upcoming EOYC.