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Trance Poem


May 18, 2007
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So, I had a journal entry to write for my Poetry class and decided to do a poem with trance titles. Was also watching American football at the time hence the "wide left." Enjoy! :)

Tut's Trance Titles

Sweeping Strings
System F
Scribblin Crayons
Crazy Wide Left

Midway – Monkey Forest
Motorcycle too
Hemstock & Jennings
Nothing But You

Questia – Crystal Clouds
Lolo – Why?
Agnelli & Nelson
It’s a Big Sky!

One Night In Tokyo
Mexico Can Wait
Formentera What
Solid State

Saltwater, Desert Rose
Lemon Tree, Fly Away
Cherry Blossom, Tundra
Southern Sun, Beautiful Day

Clear Blue Water
Hello Strings
The Age of Love
Beautiful Things
No, I think :crazy: is the better expression :p

Nice, erm, poem
haha amazing :)
I likes it:music:
I liked your poem tutmeme:)
I think it's so cool :grinning: