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May 6, 2006
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Stuart Matheson from 90s trance stars Binary Finary chatted to Skrufff
this week about the release of the group's first ever album The Lost
Tracks and revealed that the band earned virtually no money at all from
their worldwide club smash 1998.

The crossover epic trance anthem was released several times by EMI¹s
commercial club label Positiva becoming one of the biggest club records
of the 90s, though Staurt said the whole experience was so bad, that he
quit the music business altogether.

"A couple of bad decisions were made starting with the original contract
we signed, which wasn¹t the best one, to be honest," he admitted, "The
contract was signed before the track went big but we realised really
quickly that our hands were already tied in many respects. And Binary
Finary was originally made up of four members and there were some
internal struggles going on within the group which forced me to leave-
I'd had enough. It was a strain to leave because I did feel I was
missing out on opportunities but I had to for my own sanity."

Taking a day job as a webmaster he even ended up starring on reality TV
show Faking It, trying to pass himself off as a surfer ("I was websurfer
who became a, very poor, body surfer," he laughed) before putting the
band back together will fellow Binary producer Stuart Matheson. The duo,
meanwhile, continued making tracks together throughout the eight year
period and have recently returned to the music business full time to
release The Lost Tracks. The album comprises 16 tracks including their
own Binary Finality remix of 1998.

"We're now as back in the music business as fully as we can be but we¹re
taking a relaxed attitude, we're not going to flog ourselves. We're not
desperate for it but we still feel there's a lot of dammed good music in
us both and we want to release it, " Stuart continued.

"We had more problems with a few labels recently and the reason this
album is happening is an off shoot of those issues, we got messed around
by a few labels who signed tracks then basically changed their minds
after three or four months, so we're releasing this album ourselves."

And that's how we plan to continue. We might not get the same exposure
but at least we're in control. And we can release whatever we want," he

The Lost Tracks is out now (as a digital download release only).
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