TrancEye - Unloved EP - out now!

Jul 11, 2006
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Przemek Wszelak aka TrancEye brings us his first original release on Defcon to compliment his previous remixes for us, and delivers a fantastic EP of pure emotional trance!

First of all he gives us two alternate versions of the title track Unloved - an original mix of epic proportions that combines the lush synth-lines with a powerful, driving bass.

On the flip-side is the Emotional mix, where the breakdown is more pronounced and given a melancholy twist.

Krzysztof Stachowiak aka Mysterious Movement gives us a more laid-back interpretation of the track but which still packs a powerful emotional punch.

Rounding things off is the B-side track for the EP, Suffering (Deep In My Heart) - another uplifting and emotional effort from TrancEye that delivers on every level and completes the EP nicely.

Two more remixes will be forthcoming on the "Defcon Reinvented" release as well, due in a couple of months on Defcon Recordings!

Release date:
23rd November 2010 (Beatport exclusive)
7th December 2010 (all stores)

Out now at Beatport! EP
Mysterious Movement Remix :bow: