Twister - Trancemigrations [Spot in AH radio??]


Nov 19, 2006
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Twister - Trancemigrations [Spot in AH radio??] - UPDATED!!!!

Hi :)

I`m updated this subject because I made a brand-new set for afterhours radio.. E-njoy the mix :) plz :p

01. Breakfast - The Storm
02. Marcel Woods - Basik
03. Johan Gielen - Revelations (Estefan Folsch Remix)
04. Tiesto - Flight 643 (Richard Durand mix)
05. Signalrunners - Aria Epica (Bart Classen remix)
06. BT - Somnambulist (Mark Norman remix)
07. Solar Movement - Under the Sun
08. 4 Strings - Sunrise (Exclusive Vocal mix)
09. Airbase - Sinister (Airbase Jubilee mix)
10. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston - Good for me (Above & Beyond Club mix)

Hear it and give the comment....
I want to weekly 1hour show called Transmigration... :)

CHEERS :super:
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will give it a listen in the next 24 hours
well the track list looks worth a d/l - I wonder what most

members are looking for - there are some great talents

just waiting to be discovered - and this site seems to be blessed

with a lot of them.

support the newbies thats were the continuity is.

click and a simple right click and the set is d/l - in my

case in 4 minutes.

right I'm off to have a listen to maybe a new Tiesto, sorry AVB sorry

PVD or even a Magik or a LMK or a Under Sun or an Underwater or praise be

a Nitrous Oxide.

Twister - Trancemigrations AH Attempt


01. Intro [from Armin Van Buuren 10 Years album - Hymne]
- sound excellent - beat very good

02. Airbase - Sinister (Airbase Jubilee Mix)
- you may want to turn the sound down a frac - I love it
whatever, its a brilliant track - play it loud - Airbase
gods of trance (I bet you play this track more than once)

03. Solid Globe - North Pole Vs Sahara (Alex M.O.R.P.H mix)
Same brilliant beat for a similarly brilliant track -
what a way to go - loud loud loud - brill clear sound

04. Greg Downey - Vivid Intent (Orginal mix)
excellent beat - excellent track - excellent sound -
3 out of 3 that can't be bad, can it? 3 excellents I mean't
not 3 tracks.

05. Armin van Buuren - Burned With Desire [FAVORITE TUNE]
excellent beat - excellent sound - must say excellent tune
otherwise credibility a bit thin - no it is an excellent
track - you've got good taste

06. Cara Dillon vs 2 Devine - Black is Colour (Coco Green remix)
great sound - great beat - good track

07. Jelessyn - Contact
great beat - great sound - after a fair intro a great
track emerges with tremendous sound - orchestra and chorus
awesome - brilliant - a nice reprise to end track

08. Ron van den Beuken - Access (Randy Katana mix)
great beat - great sound - track no comment - dont know
if you will get away with the minute gap

09. Bolier & Coenraad - Mighty Ducks
good sound - good beat - track not up to earlier selections
standard IMHO - possibly my system had a fault on the sound
on this track near the end

10. Mac & Mac - Rippin` Base (Orginal mix)
great sound - great track - tremendous beat

11. Firewall - Sincere (Orginal Mix) [CLASSIC TUNE
great beat - great track if it finished not sure
just a bit abrupt at the end - I was well into it
by then.

The set is handled perfectly with professional mixing and
brilliant sound - the track selection all in all is brilliant
apart from 2 tracks IMO - I dont see Katana in a set like
this just a bit too heavy IMO - Mighty Ducks well I guess
its an acquired taste no food pun intended it was not for
me the others were brilliant and you proved you could
produce an excellent set with whatever tracks you selected
and that's the name of the game.

Great mixing and tremendous sound.

Great work and the best of luck.

thanks for listening :) i will made a new mix for afterhours radio... :) i think that it was better for this :p
thanks for listening :) i will made a new mix for afterhours radio... :) i think that it was better for this :p

There is a problem.. When i download your set. I get a totally different set. It starts with yearzero, and the second track = lange_vs_gareth_emery-another_you_another_me__original_mix.

Could you please upload the right set?

After i download your second set i can say you mix pretty good. If there is a spott left, you'll hear it soon.
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i will give listen today :) sorry for delay so much to do
i know this is off topic, but are you a mod magik? :p

no im not a mod jedrekmaly, but ive given help to dan where i can, financially/advertising and so on....just like to do my part to help!

and i had to share my enjoyment of this set :super: