Uplifting As **** - Trance Mix Download

Cliffy Burrows

May 26, 2006
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This episode of 'The Digicast' is a 2 hour Uplifting Trance mix featuring some of the fantastic tunes that are around at the minute. I really enjoyed doing this mix, I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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01 Running Man - Outsider (Original Mix) [Digital Insomnia Recordings]
02 Abstract Vision - Hurricane 2011 (Rest Point Remix) [Defcon Recordings]
03 Endre pres. Canoness - Ardent Saviour (Jahawi Higher Plain Remix) [solarSwarm Recordings]
04 Gaia - Status Excessu D (Original Mix) [Armind]
05 Bjorn Akesson - Painting Pyramids (Original Mix) [FSOE]
06 A & Z - Break Up (AncientMind Remix) [Digitized Recordings]
07 Roses & Garlics - Uvercinka (Original Mix) [Only One]
08 Danyella & Daviper - From Malta To Germany (Mindful Innovations Remix) [Trance All-Stars Records]
09 DoubleV & Dmitry Golban - Wings Of Heaven (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]
10 Exclipse - Thunder Bay (Sunset Remix) [Alter Ego Digital]
11 Richard Sander pres. Rising Sun - Across The Sea (Paul Todd Remix) [Defcon Recordings]
12 Tuomas J - Life Goes On (Ronny K. Emotion Remix) [Defcon Recordings]
13 Sandeagle - Haliaeetus (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars Records]
14 Binary Finary & Trent McDermott - Freedom Seekers (Arctic Moon Remix) [Insight Recordings]
15 ReOrder & Dave Deen - Pulse (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
16 Indecent Noise - Over There (Original Mix) [Discover Records]
17 Activa - Telic (Part One) [Discover Records]
18 Will Atkinson - Heartfelt (Original Mix) [Borderline]
19 Dave Horne meets Econu - Occlusion (Jamie Walker Trance Mix) [Nu Depth Recordings]
20 Nathan Profitt - Recoil (Ally Brown Remix) [Prophetic Recordings]