UzeYroS - Theory of Uplifting 060 with Emill GuestMix 3hr special on AH.FM 25-10-2013

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Jul 27, 2007
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Real Name: Rafal Juzaszek




01. John Askew - Bastard
02. Matt Bukovski - Tesla (original mix)
03. Photographer - Airport
04. Marco V - Simulated (sneijder remix)
05. Laurent Garnier - Man with the red face (bryan kearney & barry connell's ressential remix)
06. Nivaya - My Empirical Epitaph
07. Will Atkinson - Deep Impact
08. Bryan Kearney & Artcic Moon - Dreamers of dreams
09. Marco V vs. Jens - Loops and things (Marco V remix)
10. Simon Patterson - us


01. Amethystium - Emblem (Selected Pieces)
02. Arcane melody - Nocturnal landscape
03. Playme - Peace & Serenity (Original Mix)
04. Sunny Lax - Mira [Daniel Kandi Remix]
05. Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Iliada (Slavix remix)
06. Bycue - New Mountain (Steve Bengaln remix)
07. Dreamy - Dragon's Paradise (Darren Porter Remix)
08. Sava - Verona (Original mix)
09. Bobina - Invisible Touch (Ferry Corsten Touch)
10. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Van Eyden pres.LEXWOOD - I Love Trance [Original Mix]
11. Martell & Kjetil Nossum - Enjoy the ride (Club mix)
12. Infite - True love (Sky flight & Carl Overnet remix)
13. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Still With Me (Suncatcher Remix)
14. Neptune Project feat. Polly Strange - The Inside (Original Mix)
15. Laker - Hurricane (Alexzideyn remix)
16. A.R.D.I. - Forget the past (Original mix)
17. Matt Bukovski Vs. Andy Elliass & Abys - Cheops (Original Mix)
18. Ancient Mind - Scruffy (Original mix)
19. Kelly Andrew - The Incursion (Original Trance Mix) [More Compressed Version]
20. Paul Oakenfold feat. Carla Werner - Southern Sun (Angry Man Remix)


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* Congrats at six years of Theory of Uplifting UzeYroS ! *

yes, it's me
thx guys :D

* Replay UzeYroS - Theory of Uplifting 001 on AH.FM 04-07-2008 *

:love: WOW ! these tracks :dancing: are àll singing and :super: super ! :grinning:​

:flowers: Is it six years ago already ? :hmmm: :captain: :bravo:

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danmark_ori, UzeYroS+ :good2:
Tuned here
cool start.
congrats for 5years :beer2::beer2::beer2::beer2::beer2:

:yes: Cool to have sets like these : always ! :flowers: :mml: :dancing: Hello all :cap:

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hello Trance Nation
here we go!
First hour my friend Emill from Trance Chasers! :)

1.John Askew - Bastard
Haha, great tune.

John Askew
John Askew
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Real Name: John Askew

In Groups: Backbeat, Cartel (5), Drum Cult

Genres: Trance / Tech-Trance
Profile: DJ and Produer

:: John Askew - Bastard (Original Mix) | NightVision ::


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