V/A Natural Selection V.2 [free psytrance compilation]

Jan 15, 2007
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Natural Selection V.2 was compiled by Psyentifica and PsychoActive as a project to feature up and coming psytrance producers and showcase some fine uplifting and driving music. With a two year span since the first of the series we hope the tracks included were worth the extra year.

//Release Info.

Title: Natural Selection V.2
Artist: VA
Cat.-Nr.: ILMY002
Release Date: Novemember 2010
Label: Infinity Loop Music
Mastering by: Psyentifica / ILM
Distribution: Infinity Loop Music Distribution
Tracks: 9 unreleased original tracks
Format: digital (free zip + singles), hardcopy (promo only)


01 Michael Picard - Contortion Part 1 [145bpm]
02 Frost-Raven - Water Ruins [150bpm]
03 Random - Cosmic Dreamer [145bpm]
04 Psyentifica - Nu-clear fuel [145bpm]
05 Tikal - Meditation (PsychoActive RMX) [146bpm]
06 Urban Shaman Project - Trip To Goa Vehla [120bpm]
07 Aya - Tank Girl [145bpm]
08 Michael Picard - Contortion Part 2 [145bpm]
09 Psyentifica - Magic bell [77bpm]


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The project started to explore uplifting psychadelic sounds in 2008 has opened a new doorway into the psychadelic community which pushes the boundaries of electronically produced music to new levels of frequency stimulation.
Since inception Psyentifica aka Catalin Faget, manager and producer for Infinity Loop Music has put out harmonic DJ sets which constantly get featured on top digital radio stations, original productions, and shows featuring some of Canada's most prolific psychadelic artists. Currently recieving promos from top labels such as Dacru, BNE, Hommega, Bonzai, JOOF, and and a strong supporter of digitally distributed music; Psyentifica's track collection is blossoming to be ready for any upcoming events where highest quality tailored sets are the base standard.

Affiliations: Infinity Loop Music, GOMP, Techno Hippy Crew, StereoShift, Ektoplazm, Perception Inc.

LINK // Psyentifica //
booking // psynentifica@infinityloopmusic.com


PsychoActive is the solo project of Kristofer (Krysalis) Mosher. Born in Guatemala City in 1985, he was adopted, saved from death and brought to North America where he was raised with a rich musical background ranging from Punk Rock to Blues to The Eurythmics. Trained as a professional lead vocalist from the age of 2, his form has always been deeply rooted in rich melody. Although fresh to the world of PsyTrance (first hearing Dark Psy in '05) he brings a renewed life to the Genre, while at the same time taking us back to our Goa, Tribal and Spiritual origins.. weaving a deep and beautiful audio journey paired with an ecstatic stage presence that must be experienced live.

Recognized by many as one of the most celebrated Psy artists in his niche of the USA, PsychoActive has been a part of the Underground Electronic Music community in Eugene for a decade, and is going on year 3 as a Psytrance and Psy Breaks DJ as well as a very talented young producer. Melodic Psytrance was introduced to him by Agent Epsylon aka Planewalker (Astral Force Records/Metakinetics) in 2006 while at a summer gathering by the name of Illuminated Forest, he then began mixing the heavy, glitchy and resinous sounds of Aggressive and Full On with the rolling, electric bass lines and victorious leads of Melodic Psytrance, creating his own unique style. In the Fall of 2009 PsychoActive began his journey as a creator of the Music, and in a few short months he has already remixed tracks for some of the most well known names in the Trance circuit; Including: Peacemaker, SynSUN, Eat Static, Mekkanikka and Tikal.

PsychoActive has played in Various gatherings in the Northwest, his first set was in 2007 (Contact festival June 22nd-24th, Salem Oregon) at a three stage multi day gathering where he performed Saturday's sunrise set on a 20,000 watt Turbo TDX sound system. He has also loaned his music to the healing community, playing a set at the Emerald Empire Hempfest '07 (July 21st Eugene, OR) in collaberation with Deko. As a DJ he has played at gatherings with other artists such as MADD MAXX, PLANEWALKER, RANDOM, MUBALI, THE FRACTAL COWBOYS, FACEHEAD, RICK PRESTON, NATHAN STEWART, FOREST AVERY, HECTOR VILLANEUVA, Freaks Of Nature, Squee, Secret Society, Jeigh Baldwin, Psunspot, DJ Penguin, DJ Eep, Know One, Amanita, Sofa King Cool, Andrew Mataus, James Renegade, Luke Mandala and many others..

As a promoter Kris owned one of the biggest production labels in Eugene for three years (WAO EVENTS) and helped with countless events in Oregon. With the guidance of Planewalker he was also a major force in the creation of the Oregon Full On/Melodic scene. Continually working to bring Psy to Oregon, PsychoActive spends most of his time networking, making music and helping promote gatherings of love and light.

LINK // PsychoActive / Smoke Sign (Dirty Trio) on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Chris has been djing since the age of 13. Starting off in Victoria, doing a punk radio show on CFUV, the local University Radio station. The founding member of Organix. Teamed up with Dj Wonderbread in the early 90's, they started a club night after doing electrical work at a gastown nightclub. For payment they were offered a free keg of beer and a thursday club night. Thinking realisticly, they realized that a keg of beer would be more than enough alcohol for themselves, they decided to invite as many people down to the club as possible. With the success of the opening night behind them, they decided to take the night a little more seriously. Unfortunately, the opening night with the free beer was more of a highlight of nights to come (we still don't understand why the night of free beer was busier than the nights of beer people had to buy) Still promoting the night, a fellow by the name of Rock Trueman stepped into the club. Wonderbread, being busy with his electrical business, was participating in the club less and less. Rock, the Irish lad from goa began participating in the club more and more, eventually becoming a partner. Using subliminal techniques, learned from advertising books from the Vancouver public library, the night began to pick up. The night at that time was called Revelation, Organix was born when a fly by night new years party by the name of Revelation, failed to occur. On a search for a new name to disassociate ourselves from the fly by night party, Organix was born. Maybe subliminally from an admiration of the trance scene, organix was in some way taken from the Organix Productions of Japan. A 3d graphics production house. Not intentionally we may add... Chris is a no compromise dj, playing full on energy music. Best known for his quirky samples and ridiculous buildups. Trying to take things were you don't expect them to go.

LINK // Aya on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Frost Raven is the solo project of Dustin Musser, making waves in the San Francisco Bay Area’s whirling pool of talented electronic producers.

In 2002 while in high school, Dustin began experimenting and training with some of the software tools used in media production. Soon thereafter he used those tools to produce his own music material and formed an album which he circulated among the underground scene. After some time he saw how his music was well received and in 2005 took up more formal training in advanced digital audio production. In the same year Frost Raven completed a full album called “Desert Walker” which includes a cross-style combination of psychill breakz and oldschool goa influenced psytrance. The album was released on the web through the digital label INgrooves. Then in early 2007 he released an Electro House EP called ” Fire City ” including the original track and 2 remixes by other producers.

Towards the end of 2008 marked Frost Raven’s second album titled “Star Muse” which was released on the Digital Drugs Coalition label. This new album contains a very unique take on the psychedelic trance style, mixing electro and progressive elements together. Frost Raven is always busy with something.

LINK // Frost-RAVEN on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Michael Picard:

From France, Michael is a 29 easy-going guy, who has been producing electronic music since(almost) childhood, this last year he decided to push the quality of his productions as far as he could. Sound design is his passion, so he's always glad to exchange tips and ideas about how to get the best sounds out of my synths and samplers.

LINK // michaelsound - Spotlight - SoundCloud


My name is Ross and I was born in 1978 and the San Francisco Bay Area has been my home and source of inspiration for all of my life. In 1996 I heard Psychedelic Trance and chose the path of being a psy-trance musician and DJ. I make and play music inspired by the environments where I have lived, and crafted for the parties that I have played at around the world.
Growing up in Northern California placed me amongst incredibly diverse music scenes. My goth punk roots collecting EBM and Industrial led me to Techno then Hard Trance a bit of Jungle, Hardcore, Acid Techno, and then my first GOA records. In 2001 after four years of Djing and throwing parties my mind got set on serious music production. My music is formed from all of my music tastes and is created for fun dance floor moments.
I've played at events big and small throughout North America, Mexico, Japan, and Europe with many psy artist from around the world. Performing live and Dj sets at events such as Boom Festival 08', Burning Man, the Ultra Music Festival, SF Love Fest, and countless more indoor and outdoor parties and festivals.

LINK // Random on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Urban Shaman Project:

Urban Shaman is the project of Mike O'hearn and Kris Mosher (PsychoActive/Smoke Sign). Combining organic music from all over the world with beautiful electronic elements and landscapes of all genres and tempos, the Urban Shaman weave an audio web of serene yet potent magic meant to put your soul at peace and clear your mind.

LINK // Urban Shaman Project on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads