VA - Beyond Autumn Sampler 2013 [Beyond The Stars Recordings]

Beyond The Stars

May 20, 2013
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Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings
Code: BTSR004E
Release Date: 14.10.2013

01. Hypaethrame - Take Me With You (Original Mix)
02. Ben'Yala - Sicca Veneria (Original Mix)
03. Rospy - Dare To Dream (Original Mix)
04. Brendan Connell - The Beginning (Original Mix)

Radio / DJ support:
Giuseppe Ottaviani, DJ Dean, Robert Vadney, DJ Feel, Simon Bostock, Med vs. Neil Bamford, Vicky Devine, Cliffy Burrows, Matamar, Neill Moore, Paul Vernon, DJ Feel, Mazza & Martinelli, Noadja, Dirkie Coetzee, Aiera, James Cox, Manuel Le Saux, …

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Summer may be over for another year, but don't worry, our Autumn 2013 sampler is on hand to help you reminisce with just some of the fresh up and coming artists on our roster.

No matter if you prefer epic, acid or more proglifting sound. Everything you will find in our 'Beyond Autumn Sampler 2013' featuring original mixes from Ben'Yala, Brendan Connell, Hypaethrame and Rospy.

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