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Nov 8, 2008
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"Scaling the sheer rock face that is the trance label rankings is the hardest challenge facing any imprint... Enhanced Recordings have successively and successfully been bucking that trend" (Trance International). Now viewed as "one of the most famous trance labels today" (Armin van Buuren - ASOT), Enhanced Recordings is regarded as "arguably the most consistent trance label on the planet" (DJ Mag), with a reputation for "quality assured trance, guaranteed with every release" (Tilllate).

In less than 6 years, "the label that delivers tune after tune" (Mixmag) has become a genuine leading light of today's trance scene, unearthing leading talent and cementing itself as beacon of high standards; "find them in the dictionary under Quality Trance." (Trance International).

Hitting a century of releases has long been seen as a major milestone in any labels journey, and so Enhanced Recordings plan to make it one to remember. The hundredth release will comprise of a 4 part EP, and special edition double CD and download release. Some of Enhanced's most established names and newest recruits are currently remixing a selection of the labels releases to form the 4 part Enhanced100 EP release, and a disc of the CD; these will be revealed one by one in the coming weeks. The second disc of the CD
is entirely up to you to create:

Enhanced are asking you to pick your top 5 from the tracks that have been released on the label from releases 001 - 099, with the top voted tracks making up the tracklist of this very spectacular, special edition CD. Both discs of the CD will be mixed by Enhanced founder, Will Holland.

Vote now for your favourite 5 Enhanced Recordings releases, and leave us a message to be in
with a chance of featuring in the CD booklet!
It's time to vote! Enhanced : 100
And you can already pre-order this compilation here: Enhanced : Enhanced Shop


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