Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 309 on AH.FM 16-03-2014

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Great track it! :super:
huge sound.
06. Nicole Scherzinger – Dont Hold Your Breath (Veselin Tasev Uplifting Remix)
Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath (Veselin Tasev Uplifting Remix) :super:
Good choon at the moment:)
Wonder if these Nicole Scherzinger remixes will be released anytime :hmmm:
massive tune.
07. BluSkay & KeyPlayer - Cassiopeia (A & Z Remix)
KeyPlayer :)
very nice breakdown at this one:music:
08. Binary Finary & Jordan Suckley - It Gets Me (Frank Dueffel Remix)
Don't like this much :mask:
not a fan of this tune. to techy.
10. Blue Silence - Jenova (Illitheas Remix)
Better now :music: