Victor Orange vs Iversoon & Alex Daf - The Day Before Tomorrow

Club Family Records

Oct 18, 2012
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The Day Before Tomorrow single is a special one for Club Family, as all of the label's founders have teamed up on this:

Victor Orange, Iversoon and Alex Daf! For the sake of music evolution, fat bass line and unbelievable live electric guitar The Day Before Tomorrow was produced. The Original Mix was redone and remastered for a couple of times and had meant to be vocal from the start but as a result we have a quite interesting and top-notch mix.

Victor Orange has made his input to the track with the electric guitar and synth's melodies, Iversoon and Alex Daf made the mix a bit more aggressive with the help of EDM bass line and some improvements to the main melody and arrangement. Additionally, The Day Before Tomorrow single is packed with some well produced and top-notch remixes by Andrew StetS and Alekzander, who are often supported by the big names in the EDM scene.


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