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Viewsonic V35 Pocket PC, with case and dock and chrger, pixil problem thru middle

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Feb 24, 2007
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:sorry: damaged used Viewsonic V35 Pocket PC
The same friend gave me his Viewsonic V35 pocket PC with:
USB dock,
Leather case.
I was going to list it for $10, it works but has the typical dead pixels in a row across the middle. Usable, but not near perfect at all. Good gizmo for you geeks.
No, it has no wireless.

anybody what it?
have you tried ebay? or craigslist. not sure if this place is geeky enough for that kind of stuff. try a vintage tech forum...
You are correct, this place may not be the best place to sell it, but thought I'd offer here first. will probably eBay it, or craigslist it.
I might just keep it, as it could come in handy for a few simple tasks, like it has a built in media player(winCE) and it can stream ah.fm when connected to the dock. but other than that, its just a basic wince device.
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