Viscid - Earblood EP [PHATT001]


Jan 20, 2007
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First EP on Phatt is production by great Polish producer Viscid.
At this moment he have released other massive tunes in labels Gut Feel Records, Inaspace Records, J00F Deep, J00F Records and Progress Recordings.
Check his new darkly production Earblood.


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Stian Klo:
I like the petersky remix ..thanks!

Martin Hayes:
The original and the petersky version are great.</em>

Kenny Wee:
I like these remixes : original + DCM Children of the Corn Remix,
petersky remix - has a nice housey electro vibe..and of course Gudowski remix is the best here !!!!!!
The One Remix - althought not my style but this is good remix.</em>

Earblood EP is one hell of a release! Very dark and dirty minimal techno with good remixes, it surely will do good for the label. My favs are Original Mix and DCM Children Of The Corn Remix. Original is something I can't stop listening to, the soundscape is amazing, hunting melodies and unusual dirty vocal, while the DCM remix is a little easier, but still lots of dark and eerie sounds, and the heartbeat in the middle of the track drives you insane for a moment. Unforgettable stuff.

Earblood is a dark track with scary breakdown time vocals, and some of the remixes take the darkness even further. The original mix is my absolute favorite though, with simply awesome groove. The beats, stabs, effects and the bassline fits in well into the mix, and together with a top sound quality they result in a very fine progressive dance tune.

Petersky remix is groovy stuff aswell, with a catchy lead and bassline while taking a bit more melodic approach.

Stefard remix has evil written all over it, with a heavy-weighted beat and a distressing atmosphere. Personally this isn't quite my favorite flavour, but fans of evil/horror music should love this :). Technically well produced track where all the elements are working nicely together.

DCM Children of the Corn remix brings the listener back to the club beat with sweeping sound effects and a heavy-hitting kickdrum and a heavy sound overall. A good deal of danceability in here too.

The One remix is a tasty breakbeat tune with acidish riffs and a nice dose of energy. It goes quite far from the original mix when it comes to the sound, but it keeps the grip to the dark overall feel nicely. It could last a couple of minutes longer perhaps, but it's a good track nonetheless.

Gudowski starts off with the evil side in the remix, and proceeds with a groovy rhythm with a lot going on simultaneously, but in a good balance. The bassline is sweet and together with the kickdrum makes a foot tap the floor, which is always a good sign. As with the previous track, it would be nice if the duration was a bit longer, but it doesn't disturb too much.

All in all, if you're into dark dance sound, you should check this release out.