Web player

Few days ago I noticed at work, that web player is constantly interupted. I thought at my home, where I can download shortcut for my Jet audio, this will be no problem. How wrong I was. Different players, different browsers, still that issue. After minute of play, more than 10s pause. Not just in my home.
Thank you Patrik :good: message + URL to here sent to Dan :captain:

I just found out & :bumpit: informed Dan: issue seems Browser dependant: Google Chrome 78.0.3904.70 (64-bit) all silent here, yet the newest version of Firefox so far (v70.0, 64-bit too) does work :good:
Tried too:
Vivaldi 2.8.1664.44 (Stable channel) (64-bits) :super: normal sound, no issues
Pale Moon (v28.7.1) 64-bits: sound straight away, all OK :dancing:
Sorry to necro this post but since 2 days ago the web player started to be unnusable again on all browsers and the alternative link is 404, mobile does not start at all. The music plays for 10 mins on edge and wont even play 10s on chrome and firefox, no extensions/blockers used.
All streams are down for me :(
web player / mobile / .m3u / android
I get 5 secs of "Dory Badawi - Club Tasty - CT163 on AH.FM 21-05-2021" on a loop and that is it...