What about Electrotrance?


Jan 7, 2007
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Does really exist this subgenere??...

I mean i know that recently (maybe a couple years ago) the electro starst to power up all arround the world and some top djs began to use and produce with this style....

But call a electrotrance track like the next ones or similar tracks its right?

Super8 & Tab - Needs to feel (Wippinberg Remix)
Ronski Speed - Space we are (Ramiro Puente Remix)
Armin van Buuren vs Rank 1 - World is watching you (Cosmic Gate Remix)
Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Outsiders (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Because in each one there is toch of trance and electro.. so how can i classified?
For me this genre does exists. This genre is currently about my favorite style of house music :) Especially for the dancefloor :p
Electro and trance both have different build ups. Electro trance is trance with electro influences mostly to the melody.
full list of trance subgenres here:
Electro Trance :This style has been influenced by electroclash and takes some elements from Uplifting Trance. Originated around 2004.
Notable Artists:Ferry Corsten, Elevation, Marcel Woods, Gabriel & Dresden

ciao ciao
Thanks Stella. Wikipedia is far too smart :p
Tiesto - in the dark ( original ) <-- TranceRock?:lolz: :lmao:
rocktronica.. this name sounds good!
Dogzilla - isn't it?

I think there are many subgenres and ElectroTrance will be on top. (secretly it is on top already )
And what about electro-electro huh???
i like me some electro, check out
franky rizardo - funky noise
rockers hi-fi - push push (mandy's pusher mix)
swen weber - bassman (chris counts access mix)
Roman Salzger - lollipop machine

you can goto beatport and goto genre's and then electro house... nice stuff... some of it is fast enough to mix in with your trance.

Lately, ive been experimenting with mixed sets and people have been enjoying them... Start with some prog house, throw in some trance, go electro, ect.. :)
This is sick, me and a friend of mine were discussing this today. We both thought that it might be possible that there could be a genre nowadays called electro-trance.

Turns out it does exist. Sick, sick, sick.