What are the best headphones?

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Feb 15, 2008
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Can anyone guide me on purchasing a pair of Headphones. What is the most popular set that DJ's use for doing their stuff and just listening to music?...Thanks for any info, Im looking to buy a pair...

Sennheiser are always good, have clarity so good for monitoring, and depending on which model you get are also comfortable for lengthy music listening!

i have only ever had a pair of Sony MDR-V500, Sennheiser HD280 Pro, and my Technics RDH1200's, i recommend the last 2, Sony was what i started out mixing with, i wouldnt go back to them now

hope this helps :grinning:!
Yeah Senheisser's are very reliable and the good thing about them is just about everything on them can be replaced. I have been using the same Sennheiser HD25 SP headphones for the last four years and they still run good as new.
Technics RP-DH1200 > Sennheisers :P

i just ordered myself technics rp-dj1200, the only quality ones i could find with cups small enough to fit over my glasses...
two different things here, you won't listen to your music casually on cans primarily designed for DJ use as most, e.g. Sony MDR700 (V / R / DJ) put an emphasis on highs which is okay when mixing but far from Hi-Fi. Open cans or closed design for noise cancellation (some with magic circuitry) etc.
Best to try at a guitar shop, audio shop, DJ supplier, but no such thing as "best headphones".
But to give some personal preferences:
DJ use: Allen & Heath XD-53
casual listen: anything Sennheiser
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the new denon pair
they easily destroy my hd 650's !
I recently upgraded to a set of Pioneer HDJ-1000s and am really happy with them allthough they have their pros and cons of course, as with anything.


The volume is extremely loud, and very mid ranged so it cuts through the noise of the speakers so you can isolate you cueing. The pads fit really snugly onto your head and are a little bit on the tight side so can make your ears a little sore during long sessions.

As for using them during production as they are very strong in the mid range you will need to compensate your mixes as when you play it on something flat it will sound very different, these certainly aren't flat response headphones unfortunately, although the sound quality is very good.

Personally I would say for the best results get DJ headphones for DJ'ing, and reference headphones for producing, don't try and get a pair that will do both as they will fail at one of the tasks for sure. Unless of course they have a "dj mode" button that adds eq relevant to hearing in noisy situations.

Also, these cans are solid, and extremely well built, just like all Pioneer gear :)
Sony MDR v700dj series they last very long... Any headphones from the Sony MDR series are worth it...

just arrived today... let's see how happy i am with them :P
Say that again in three months when they're broken :) j/k, heard from a lot of people they break easily though, hope yours will last a long time :grinning:

:lol: I hope so, I look after my gear. Allot of DJs get drunk and trash their gear or let other people mess about with it, I doubt that helps much :lol:
Sony MDR v700dj series they last very long... Any headphones from the Sony MDR series are worth it...

I second that definately however, after 3 years of constant use, mine have fallen apart :( ....So I am going to buy sennheiser 215´s tommorrow :music:

But if you can get the sony ones...get them!
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