What are you eating right now?

Running Man & Ahmed Romel - Azure (Running Man Edit
K.A.B - Floating (Original Mix
The Noble Six - Last Departures (Ahmed Romel Remix
Sandeagle - High Up (Original Mix
A.R.D.I - Premonition (Original Mix
Mr Carefull - Iridium (Phil Metcalfe Remix
Oen Bearen & Pillow - Until Hell Freezes Over (Ferry Tayle Remix
Mike Oceanic - All or Nothing (Original Mix
Estigma - Illusion (Original Mix
:lolz: Sunny, wrong thread. Although I do think those are quite tasty :lol:
I have to keep to a strict diet for instant weight loss, so... nothing. Nothing for today, nothing for tomorrow and the day after, only green tea without sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner... :(

mp4 to avi
soon going to make some BBQ :dance: This time inside, becouse weather is not so good, to chill outside.
Just finished a fish pie:lollypop: