what do you guys think


Jun 27, 2007
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what do you guys think of david west cuz i might throw him an event in the jordan in the middle east:music:
I think he's one of the most talented producers out there atm...

As for DJing, I haven't the slightest idea..
He is a big talent ...Still did not experience a bad production or remix from the guy...
As for dj sets, havent seen him live but the sets ive heard were pretty good!!!
One word - - AWESOME!!
Hes nothing anymore... Last project worth giving a listen was 'Suffering Island'
Not even Welsh Morphology, Distant?
Not even Welsh Morphology, Distant?

Welsh Morphology is a strange tune, imo.

I gather that DistantLand missed some of his productions, because after 'Suffering Island', which is actually rather good tune (8,5/10), there have also been a lot of other solo productions and remixes of himself, some of which were very decent. I'm not a fan of him either, but 'Searching for substance' with InkFish released this summer is undoubtedly a very good tune, probably the best tune he ever made. So, DL, check it out even if you don't like his stuff, it's also 'worth listening', don't hesitate. :smile1:

People were also mad about 'Make U Mine' tune last year. It's been actually a bit overriated, but indeed it's quite enjoyable and quality piece of driving stuff which you should also get acquanted better with unless you did already so.

My overall mark for this artist: 7/10.