What funny or interesting experiences have you had in your life during school?


May 14, 2010
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Im writing a report for english class about funny things that happen. Can you please tell me some of your funniest stories?
Hm I think I have quite a few actually. It were the goods days, as I never laughed as much as back then. I'll give you two examples:

- Back in the days when I went to school (read: oldskool :lol:) we had obliged study hours at the end of every day. That means when lessons are finished everyone goes a very big room and studies for 1h30 minutes... These times were often quite annoying as they were extremely boring to some people. Luckily sometimes there happened some things that spiced things up a bit.
On wednesdays there is a local market near and one student had the brightest idea to go buy a bird, yes, a bird... none of the others had a clue when he released the bird in the big room during study time. So the bird went flying back and forth in the huge room, sometimes sitting on ceiling bars etc... The supervisor just reacted by keep it quiet, etc... Of course half of the people already noticed and started looking to the bird instead of studying... Things became really hilarious when the poor animal started doing his nasty business on our books :lol:
"Sir! a bird just pooped on my book!"

- Example two, between two classes as we were waiting for the other teacher to arrive, things were always crazy as usual, you had papers flying arround, some fighting, some went for a smoke (while not allowed), etc... Now two particular guys found it funny to start throwing the wipers of the chalkboard to eachother. Of course these wipers contain white dust of the chalk used on the board so not very much later things got messy. Anyhow, as at a certain point I looked and I saw teacher arriving in hallways and at the same time I saw one of the wiper flying through the air in that direction. I was like "ohoh this is not going to end well" and well teacher had pretty white face and afterwards pretty red one... :lol:

I got dozens of others but heh...
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1) I got detention for breakdancing in computer class -__-

2) Super glued the legs of a desk to the rug and moved it out of place so when the teacher moved it, the rug tore up :p

3) Teacher went outside for a quick phone call so my friends poured hotsauce all over the chair and it soaked in...so when he came back in and sat on the chair it came out and soaked his pants looked like he pooped himself...on the other hand...he had a burning sensation too :]
One time in grade 10 ( a while ago...) I had walked outside of my Math class to use the bathroom. As soon as I had walked in I saw that someone had taken a HUGE dump in the urinal. And i stood there...wondering how the hell someone could have done that...and had not needed to wipe his ass.. I walked back into class to spread the news...sure enough my entire class (including the girls) booked it out JUST to see the pile of shit in the urinal... D:

Another one would be walking home, and watching these two idiots fighting infront of the principals office...and it was a planned fight too.. sure enough, the principal came out and broke it up, suspending the two retards who planned it there in the first place ==;

Theres SO much more, way too much actually
save em for another day ;)