what song is this?


Sep 11, 2007
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I heard a song that I love but have no idea what it's called or who it's by. (Vocal Trance)

They come across the water, singing songs I can recall
They call me their daughter, they have come to take me home
To the Isle of Never Winter to the place where I belong

I'm quoting this from memory, so it may not be exactly right, but that's the chorus.

Thank you!
Hmm a riddle for me right now. I'm sure someone from here does know this.

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Sounds like something Enya would sing to be honest, well almost anyway, it came to mind first!
I heard it on PartyRadio before they rearranged the website to be a directory of stations. Before, you could just click on a genre and it played instead of giving you links to other sites. It was on the Vocal Trance channel, and it sounded a little like Enya's style, but trance. So kind of new age/world feel to it. It sort of reminded me of the Lord of the Rings "Into the West" It was a female singer. I really have no idea who it was by or the song title, so if anyone has any ideas at all please post! I really want to find that song again. Thanks!