What speaker setup you prefer / use.

Speaker setup?

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May 1, 2006
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Im atually looking for new speakers now, and would like to know what others are using and if they are happy with their setup?

Im atually looking for new speakers now, and would like to know what others are using and if they are happy with their setup?


Hey Dan!

I've been using the classic 2 speaker setup for quite a while now in various forms. I don't use 5.1 because I don't believe the little satellite speakers carry enough clarity in the mid range frequencies and I don't use a sub woofer because I get enough bass out my speakers.

There are so many things to take in for account, like the size / shape of your room and what you're gonna be using them for.

Do you play games? If so then 5.1 is all of the awesome and you'll get lost in the atmospherics. If you just listen to music then either 2, or 2.1, but getting the sub would depend on the power of your main speakers and how much you want to annoy your neighbours!

I've got a pair of Tapco S5 Speakers...


With these you seriously don't need to have a subwoofer, I've got the bass being restricted and I only have the volume to about 25% of what they are capable of, but the sound quality is amazing and breathes new life into your music.

I'd say above all, if you like your music more than anything else, don't go for 5.1, satellite speakers don't have the capability of reproducing voice well enough unless you spend shed loads of cash on one of the top makes with chunky satellites and a larger center speaker, most 5.1 systems have just 5 tiny speakers that hardly weigh anything (usually the sign of a good speaker is its weight). :music:

hope this helps :grinning:
These are my babies:



They're TDL Electronics special edition ones I bought second hand from my boss, the sub is a Yamaha YST-SW205.

My music room is only small but the sound quality is fantastic :grinning:

To be honest I'm not really into the whole 5.1 thing. I have a friend who got his set up and invited me over to watch this 3-minute section of Braveheart whilst half-slouched in an armchair he'd scientifically measured and marked out in his living room, and you'd think he'd built himself the Starship Enterprise.

"Listen to the movement of those arrows in the air!" He'd exclaim, frantically hopping on one foot to the other in excitement. "Can you hear the swordfighting on all sides of you?"

My conclusion? People who obsess about 5.1 probably need to get out more.... :mask:

I've always thought that the idea of a tune is far more important than it's technical execution. Similarly, I've always found that a scriptwriter is far more important for a good movie than a sound engineer ;)
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Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo series
aegis evo 3 : acoustic energy

They've done me proud for a few years, but I rarely use the sub-woofer to be honest. The two speakers above the sub on the photo I don't have, I guess they would complete a 7.1 setup which some amps support
wow nice feedback... lets hear em coming rest of you...

vicky how much did that cost?

Now that's what I'm talking about, that's an awesome 5.1 setup, designed to cover a wide range of frequencies, not just hi/low like pretty much 99% of off the shelf 5.1 setups, I bet they sound fantastic :grinning:

And a quality 2.1 setup there too. I bet acoustic tracks sound amazing coming out of those.

Both of those setups put my little tapcos to shame, then it's not the size that counts is it? :lol:
I would stick with the 2 channel set up. It starts getting tricky when you add more speakers and you have to have room for them.

What kind of speakers are you looking for? I can try and help you:hug:
I prefer a 2.1 cause an 5.1 can cheat (when you produce music), but IMO the most important thing, that the speakers should be Quality ones.