Whats your favorite tune?


Mar 28, 2008
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i dont know if this has been posted yet, but id like to kno whats ur fav song:super:

Arizona & Octagen - starburst
Dima Krasnik - Rise
Solarstone - 4ever
Mike Foyle - Pandora (Blizzard remix)
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Tunes @ moment im diging

1.)Ronski Speed Feat Aruna - All The Way (Original Mix)
2.)Inertia - The System
3.)Activa - End Of Summer
4.)Sophie Sugar - Redemption (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
5.)Relocate & Menno De Jong - Spirit (Paul Miller Remix)
Electro Sun & Bizzare Contact - World Cup
migel sassot-empty(aly and fila remix):wub::wub:
Hi everyone.
This is a hard question as there are so many fantastic tunes out there....
But one of my fav all time tunes would be ->

"Tiesto - close to you"

Breath taking, emotional, uplifting, inspiring, and amazing beautiful vocals from the finest lady in trance, jan johnston.
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this WAS my favorite track. i became insane after listening it for over, i guess, 500 times.
DO NOT follow my earsteps! :megacrazy:

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thank You, Akasha. :welcome:

the snake is Ipomea Tricolor. the G.O.O.D. snake. the G.O.D. snake.
God bless you Morning Glory. :hug::love:

may you FOREVER share Your wisdom.

also thank you Phalaris for being EVERYWHERE.
Ephedra, pst! :bravo:
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