Which Audio recording program

DJ Neil Kilroy

May 13, 2012
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At the minute im recording my dj mixes from my decks to ableton, what do you use to record your dj mixes. I dont mind recording into ableton but im sure i loose some frequency ranges. im looking for the best possible sound.

Cheers guys and girls

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Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 for me :)
For Mac OS X - Sound Studio. For iPad (if you are using external USB soundcard like me) - Fire 2
hey ron:) , ps i use Qbass , mixcraft(more progress but worth it) and Fire2
i use the Sound Forge Pro 10
virtual dj or audacity for mix.. just for recording then audacity to split tracks
I've used the recorder built into Traktor lately since I don't have to run parallel process when mixing.

If I want high quality - and am using something that I need a real line-in to record (say CDJs) - its ProTools or Adobe Audition with my M-Audio unit.

If I want something to do general recording with, I drop into Audacity (a stripped down, better for mobile use Adobe Audition basically).
Audacity is a very good program - And it's free!
Been using VirtualDJ forever.