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Who knows this song ? - Help

Assuming that the show exactly begun at 17.00 (your time) it will be one of the bold-marked tracks... Maybe you can find out which one it is exactly. Regards :)

Tracklist for GSD episode 008 (will be updated as the show goes by):
1. Itamar Sagi - Black Gold (Original Mix)
2. Kate Lawler - 20 Years On Acid (Original Mix)
3. Tempo Giusto - Calling (Ima'gin Remix)
4. Kaskade - 4 AM (Adam K & Soha Mix)
5. Adrian Ivan - No One Else (Original Mix)
6. Sequentia & Sunshade - Vertigo (Mike Koglin Remix)
7. Tempo Giusto - Agent Orange (Original Mix)
8. Arto Kumanto - Event Horizon (Tempo Giusto & Jace Remix)
9. Ronski Speed - All The Way (Original Mix)
10. Ima'gin - Requiem For An Angel (Tempo Giusto Remix)
11. Gate 42 - Pink (Original Mix)
12. Tempo Giusto - Challenger (Thomas Kandinsky Remix)
The song you're looking for is Ima'gin - Requiem For An Angel (Tempo Giusto Remix) :grinning: