WHo listens to This?


Feb 27, 2008
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Hello trance heads and electronica junkies... i just wanted to raise a question of my own if yall dont mind... who here listens to House?? i kno this is mostly a trance online station (a good 1 to say the least) but i was wondering if ppl here listen to house and/or a combonation of the 2?(thats where I fit in) Im just curious because I'm a loyal trance-aholic but House is my thing too... so if could get feedback on this topic it would help me out ALOT...

PS. Feel completely free to PM me if you'd like about anything or whatnot... Im always excepting any sort of praise or comments of any sort... so plz, if anyones interested to drop a line... feel free to do so or just reply back on the thread...

thanks yall:grinning:
whenever i need a break from trance, i mostly listen to tribal, electro, and tech house :music:

and sometimes when im in the mood for a harder style of house, i go for NRG and UK Hard House :bounce: :bounce:
Well i am a heavy house head.... before trance there was house...i grew up in house with the creators of house and before that there was just plain old good vocals at the clubs ..and some good beats....groups like Donna Summers.Luther Vandeross.Diana Ross.can't forget Michael Jackson then came up house music.then some fast house and then techno/trance started..along with breakbeats.then the list is so long now ....so my new house is AH.FM....since they stop selling vinly...i was receiving music from all the house labels and top dj's/producers...but it's not the same any more ..ARTIST DON"T EVEN MAKE MONEY LIKE THEY USTA....instruments are not even being used any longer....IT"S NOT THE SAME.....can't forget to mention LARRY LEVAN.DJ./PRODUCER(PARADISE-GARAGE)....R.I.P...:hug:
There is a lot of great House music out there, I mostly enjoy the Progressive and Funky styles :mml:
Awsome Response... with that being said, id like to invite anyone who's into both Trance AND House to an innovative new style.(hopefully it sticks and ppl enjoy the quality/heart of it)


PS... As always, leave comments/thoughts/anything! :)
get the house stay away from me please, i hate house:p:p:p

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