Why are my ports blacklisted?

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Nov 15, 2007
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Hi all, I did a search and found one thread that was similar, but I'm actually having a somewhat different problem so I'm starting a new thread. :)

What happened was this: I use the Burst! client. Nevr had any problems with it. I routinely download as many as 20 torrents at a time, again, I've never seemed to have any issues, all the torrents download just as fast as if I was running them one at a time. Been doing it for a couple of years.

Anyway, I downloaded four or five torrents from this tracker, no problems until after they completed. A few seeded a little bit, others not at all but then I noticed that for the past couple of days, none of them are seeding. I checked them to see if anything was wrong or if there simply were no leechers, and discovered that I was getting an error on all of them that said I needed to go to the tracker site and register or log in.

I went to the tracker, verified I was logged in and downloaded a couple more torrent files. While I started those downloading, I paused the other ones, figuring if I paused them for a few minutes then started them up again they would notice I was logged in and everything would be sweet. But instead, when I restarted them, I got "Port 68XX blacklisted" On all of them. The new ones I started are downloading just fine, but the earlier ones I'm trying to seed are all giving me this error.

I'm not using Comcast, and right now I have 14 torrents running, no problems except for the four or five from this tracker that I'm trying to seed. So it's not a service provider issue. Burst! is set up so that each torrent is coming in on a different port, so only one torrent would be using the standard torrent port anyway.

Any ideas?

it's a stupid setting in this tracker, set your bt client to use any non-standard port range (anything other than 68xx).
umm .. not sure .. but we normally use anything above 30000 as the open port for Torrents ... as Ports till 20000 are often blocked or collide with multiple applications.

How about changing the port to sumthing higher in value?
pls use a proper client like: Azureus or µtorrent...
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