Why do I like these songs!?!?!


May 14, 2008
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So I hate the rest of Rihanna's songs but her new Only Girl song I think is really good, probably because of the beat and great synthwork. Same deal with Enrique Iglesias - I like it. Does anyone else feel the same way I do?

I also have a similar thing with Pitbull, all his songs have the sickest bass lines, but I just hate associating myself with that genre...
Sadly, it's one of the reasons I find the use of genres to be derrogative, because just like how some people are with other topics (just as an example, lets use where people are from), each genre comes with it's own stereotype. It's not about what really matters to most kids on the block anymore -- that which is music.

It's one thing to be one dimensional, and appreciate it all (and like something in everything); to be multi-dimensional, and like everything; and to be one dimensional and live by the belief that "this is all that's good and decent."

For example, I say I like Trance, but that doesn't mean I don't like other things, like Jazz, Rock, even Country music! Does that mean I like drugs, smokey barrooms, and loud noises? Not necessarily, but it does mean that I can find something that I like in what I listen to, and that is what really matters.

Don't feel bad for associating yourself with a genre. It looks better for you to be open minded to MUSIC, than to be open minded to a GENRE. :)
Yeah man if something sounds good listen to it. I like it when people say that trance is gay or whatever... it's funny that you're calling someone that can just twist you into a pretzel's music "gay" because you don't like it.

I don't like most things with words in them these days anyway just because they aren't really saying much worth listening to. Good musicians are becoming pretty rare IMO. Trance/electronic is one of the few genres that I can say has actually progressed and not turned to junk like a lot of other types of music have. Who even listens to alternative anymore? Not saying you shouldn't, but really.... is there ANYTHING that is GOOD coming out in that genre anymore? Maybe there is but I don't even give it a chance anymore.