May 26, 2007
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I know it's called as track by Hydroid & Octagen, but this new thread is not about that.

You know, i'm quite a deep guy, and many situations of my short but intense life have made me reflect upon sooo many things... Life, death, anger, sorrow, happiness, love and loneliness. I think everything has got to have a reason. And if it seems like it does not, I look for one until I get a coherent reason (and/or explanation) for the thing to exist.

This kind of explorations often take me to profound meditations from where I extract nice conclusions. Sometimes I write them as poems able to musicalize or I produce them as tracks without vocals, thus, leaving everything to wordless feelings.

Here's one of my reflections. I wrote it when I was sort of depressed, thinking about tears pouring from my heart while outside it rained...

Have you ever realized the huge amount of drops that fall from the sky
When it rains?
They wet the ground and moist the soul,
They matter so little.

But if a single drop falls down from someone you love,
Then you feel different. A tidal wave of feelings,
A storm, an earthquake or a soft sunset breeze
Harrows thy heart with wonder.

What I mean is very simple.

The maximum deepness is to see the beauty
In a drop of water.
A drop is Everything;
A drop is Nothing.

What do you think, people?
Do you have your own reflections?
Does this identify you in some way?

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Oh, man...

Q: "Why do you make music? Don't you get ever bored of doing it?"

A: "It is very simple, but not less powerful. Someone in this world is crying. Until I have reflected about the reason he's been crying for, after understanding him and feeling his reason as one of my own, only then my mission will be fullfulied. And so many people cry in this world... I got plenty of job to entertain myself".