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Wobble @ Cielo (free): Feygin, Arana, Negk, Jayoza


Dec 6, 2010
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RSVP to Wobble @ Cielo : April 15, Friday for FREE entry before 12:00 on Wobble list (otherwise, $20 at door)

On April 15 (Friday), Wobble Music is excited to present, in conjunction with Global Frequencies, a special DEEP edition of Wobble with Feygin joining Arana in Cielo's amazing booth, along with NegK and Jayoza who will each be celebrating their birthdays that night and opening up the whole party.

Free Mixes for Download at Arana Live @ Cielo | January 2011
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Founder and resident DJ of the monthly parties Wobble at Cielo and SoRTeD at Stay, Arana has quickly built a reputation as one of NYC's most dynamic and versatile DJs by weaving together energetic, tightly-executed sets of musical house and techno for the dance floor. He's currently focused on his upstart tech-house label, Wobble Music, based in the Lower East Side.

Feygin's influences include, Prince, The Beatles. Louie Vega, Jimpster, Herbie Hancock, Jazztronik, Dop, Will Smith, Billy Joel and Woody Allen. He loves anything that flows smoothly, whether its into his ear or into his belly. Feygin comes from a family where everyone played some sort of instruments. Yet, he never learned to play anything himself. About 2 years ago he decided to make dance music, or his own interpretation of it. So far he is doing well. Upcoming release on Dirtybird.

Jayoza is an up and coming artist focusing on contemporary house, techno & minimal music. He has already worked on many diverse projects & performs around the world most notably: Diddy (Last Train to Paris) and New Faces Compilation w/ Back 2 Ibiza & More Cowbell (Stripped UK). He is developing an artist album for release in the near future. He will be making his Cielo debut celebrating his birthday with Wobble and looks forward to sharing his vibe earlier in the night for an opening set.

Considered one of the pioneers of the electronic music in his hometown in Ecudor as well as one of the new promises of the electronic movement in this country, Negk is now a new member of the NYC underground scene after moving here a short time ago. He is part of the Karma crew, where he holds a weekly residency.
We're giving the Funktion 1 a stretchin' this Friday!

:music:We're giving the Funktion 1 a stretchin' this Friday!
RSVP to Wobble @ Cielo : April 15, Friday for FREE entry before 12:00 on Wobble list (otherwise, $20 at door)