Woody van Eyden Feat. Jimmy H. - Y68 [FEN-016]


Dec 28, 2006
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*_Woody van Eyden Feat. Jimmy H. - Y68_*
- Original Mix
- Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix
- Peaktwins Remix

Fenology Records / FEN-016
Releasedate: January 29th, 2007

Original Mix - It starts of good, with a banging beat and guitar melody on the background. Then on the background, slowly, there comes a great synth. After that, you get the break. A guitar break that is. Sounds really cool, but it might be a little too much. But then there comes a great melody on the background. Guitar get's mixed up fine with the melody and after a while the guitar goes away and you hear the great melody again. Then the melody slowly goes away and the end is near. The guitar thing is really something different than other tracks and it actually sounds cool, but sometimes you wonder if it's not too much. Because it sort of let's the melody play unnoticed. But the rest was excellent and the only thing negative is that the guitar sound cound be a little bit less.

Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix - It begins better than the original and this one's also has a banging beat. You can hear that this version is faster and rougher than the original and the guitar also comes back in this remix. Different synth on the background and it has a different, better, feeling to it. Then the break is there. I think it's better than the original version, because this break is better combined. More synth/melody sounds on the background and the guitar doesn't take over so much. Then I thought that there was going to be a major climax, but there wasn't. A build-up is created, but it goes on without a realy melody or the guitar sound. But then there comes a second build-up with the guitar sound again. Luckily there is a climax then. Melody comes back and the guitar sound is well combined. Then the sounds fade away and then it's time for the end of the track. Really enjoyed listening to this track and this one is better structured than the original. Good work by Giuseppe.

Peaktwins Remix - This one has a good intro and the beat goes slower than the previous versions, but that suits me more because I like the slower tracks more. Great, techy synth comes in and then there comes another trancy synth in the picture. It really builds-up to a great format and it's a pleasure to listen to. Then, there is the break. Best break of all the version, because it introduces a totally new sound in the track. Relaxing and calm break with a nice athomsphere. Really, really like this break. Guitar sound slowly comes up in a great way and the combination of all the sounds and guitars sound amazing in this break. The guitar goes away and the melody comes in. Amazing stuff. Build-up comes and then there is a huge climax. Melody takes control of your ears/mind and it sounds superb. The guitar comes back again and this combination is the best. The melody or synth isn't on the background, the guitar is. The melody get's more and more uplifting and it really sounds great. After that the track comes to a smooth end. This version is the best of all. It combines the guitar with a magnificent melody and it has a great pace/beat. Superb work by Peaktwins!
I'm going for the Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix. Although i heard it too much already..I dont like the original. I'm going to check out the peaktwins mix.
Ottaviani remix for me too :)
The Giuseppe Ottaviani remix is amazing, I loved it.
^No, it's Woody van Eyden Feat. Jimmy H.

Tunes are out now...

Coming at a later date:
Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden "Rock Like Gibraltar" Remix

Thanks for the nice review, TimEL :D