Wow. It has been so long since I've been here....


Oct 11, 2007
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Hello everyone! I used to be on here quite often listening to all of the wonderful Trance music that this site has to offer. Anyways, a lot has changed. If you remember Mr. Pinkus, I still have him. I just have not been doing that much nightclub photography anymore. I pretty much use my Samsung S21 Ultra G to take photos of everything. I became a small time watch collector. Huge Home stereo gear fanatic. I still listen to Dance music: House, Techno, Dark House, Dark Trance, EBM, Vaporwave and whatever else fancies me:super:

A lot has changed in the world. I hope that everyone is healthy, safe and taking care of themselves.

Anyways, just wanted to come back and say hello after all of this time.

Hope this reaches all of you well.

See you around!!!:)
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yeah, those first few years there were alot of people on the forum chat :ee:
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