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Your chance to be part of the EOYC 2013 in the TranceFix X-Mas Mix 2013

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Oct 20, 2008
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In previous years, Trancefix presented it's own 2-Hour-Mix usually filled with a lots of older music and classics as a celebration of our favorite genre, during the annual End Of Year Countdown on Afterhours FM.
This year however, we would like to share the honor with you. So here's the deal: Win this competition and get your mix played on AH FM in the EOYC 2013.


So what should you do?
Make the greatest mix you've ever made!

The goal of your should mix is: Celebrate trance.

How? That's entirely up to you. The only rule is: keep it around 60 minutes.

Well, there's also this little restriction to make sure real Trancefix members will participate:
You can only win if you were already a registered member here before November 1, 2013 and posted a minimum of 5 posts.

Because we want to keep the winning mix a secret for everyone, the judging process will be done by the mod-team.

Upload your mix anywhere, then send the link to Voci in a private message here on Trancefix. Please include a tracklist. If you like you can also include a little background story about the mix. If you use Soundcloud, make sure to send a private link.

Deadline is: December 8th 2013.

For any discussion about this contest, please visit this thread:
Thanks the Chance trancefan0883, but i'm not member of the trancefix forum since 2013 nov 1 & i haven't got 5 post in this forum, only in ah forum, but thanks the message & chance!:) Have a nice day!
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