Feb 27, 2008
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Hi everyone... Its ZeRoX

Ive been DjIng since i was born "mentaly," but realistically since 2003... I love Sound and Music. Especially when I mix it in my own special style.

My style's not a common nore typical(yet... hopefully) Its actually a mixture of the 2 most heard of electronicas out there today! Trance and House... How is this possible!?... well you'll soon find out!

Bio: Well its ZeRoX so hopefully the name sticks with the fans. But Im just a character that loves music(with a passion... of course!!!) Im not in this to be famous nore rich nore both!!!(maybe lol) but i sincerely Love what i LOVE doing. Making ppl feel good and having a Great Time! I really do apprieciate the ones who understand this and I will keep on producing as long as i get anytype of feedback!!!

Unfortunately I cannot give a track list untill/or upon request of(sorry AHFM) plz excuse this permission so that i can receive proper data of my submission. I will be more than happy to provide that information if its strongly needed for your reference. (to AHfm)

Download Link: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

I hope Everyone Who's into this type of genre/category/quest Enjoys this Mix.... Plz AHFM, excuse this thread for stepping slightly over the boundary rules a little but its all in the best interest! Thank you

Also if you become 1 of ZeRoX's fans and would like a complete compilation of this particular mix, here's a special link for you MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
(Sorry AHfm i just wanted to let the fans have the complete package)

Ps... B4 i conclude, This isnt my only nore last mix... so upon request i will post what the fans want!!!