01-04-2007 Config pres. Retrovisions 016


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Jun 23, 2006
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Welcome to episode 16 of Retrovisions !
Today it's - as always - a mixture of a lot of styles, including the world premiere of 2 exclusive tunes both by Belgian upcoming talented producers !
AND, back into business, the monthly classic :)

don't miss this :wow:

17h CET
16h GMT
11h EST


01. Thusti - Sparkling Spot [CD-R]
02. Sultan & Ned Shepard - Together We Rise [Global Underground]
03. Boom Jinx feat. Thomas J. Bergersen - Remember September [Anjunadeep]
04. Jiva feat. Rula - Timelapse (Andrius Alien & Justin Xara Mix) [Pure Substance]
05. Mothers Pride - Floribunda (Hoxton Whores Electro Fever Remix) [Heat]
06. Maarten Hercules - Harmonics (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
07. Interstate - I Found You (Original Mix) [Bandung]
[Classic Of The Month]
08. Jussi Polet - Two Seas Apart [Finity]
09. DJ Pat B - Love Of My Life (A.T.P Trance Guitar Remix) [CD-R]
10. Sky Prophets - Cloud Factory (Downside Up Mix) [CD-R]

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Nice tunes until now! Great start!
Thanks for playing my track Config ;)
Nice show! I love this progressive tunes :heartbeat:
Nice show! I love this progressive tunes :heartbeat:

thanks ! appreciate it ! :)

enough with the progressive sounds now hehe :)

btw np: 07. Interstate - I Found You (Original Mix) [Bandung] CLASSIC :)
Maarten Hercules...he's doing awesome, I still have an old track/remix(I believe done in late 2005) from him,can't remember the title,but I have it. So glad to know he's doing this good and going on producing tunes.

btw hello everyone I am tuned in since the show started,great job Config ;)