01-05-2008 - 14-05-2008 May DJ Contest

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Oct 27, 2006
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Only vinyl/cd mixes this month? Gonna have to get everything ripped to CD and on the CDJs if thats the case!
only hardware this month, yes.
that's one long submission window my copy'n'paste friend.:mask:

does that mean my set re-enters?

prolly no, I did it with Trecker 3 and the BCD3000 so that would be software. Or?
I used a midi controller and had the software only for library purposes and visualisation, something a CDJ does too in a way...:hmmm:
woops :) fixed!
5 sets already in! hurry up everyone! :)
sent mine in as well some minutes ago. may the best set of May be chosen for us to hear in June :)
that makes 7 sets so far :) lets keep em coming :)
i send my contest mix, too.
that makes 9 sets in now! :super:
great response this month, good job guys!
only a single spot left now! :mask:

@ nda: mixes will be passed to the jury only after submissions are closed, and then also anonymously, which means they won't know whose set they're listening to :)
DFX I totally missed April winner set. Can you give me the link to his set ? thanks alot if you can. =)
nDa: you need a torrent client (just type bit torrent or bit tornado into google to get one, they're free) then once you've signed up to the AH torrents forum you can download (save as) the torrent files then your torrent client will open them, ask you where you want to save the mix and then try connecting to available seeds to download the mix (the more seeds and the less leechers the better).

Hope that helps!
one more slot left guys! hurry up!
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