01-09-2008 Oliver Carr - The Breakdown 002

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wow...:super::dancing::mml::dancing::mml::dancing::rofl:, .,.,.,.,.,.,., Did i follow the correct TRAIL:lol:
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Note to self: Dont play house on ah.fm lol

Right this is about to get serious after this trust me ;-)
Sorry about the mix on this guys i was live on CD Mixers and i couldnt stop the mix
i prefer apartments :lol::lol:

so totally not what i like to hear :P:P

Well, not my style either to be honest. But I heard a lot worse the other day on DI, believe me:)
M.I.K.E - Hide (Progressive Revisited Mix 2008)
i prefer a house...with a tv and a lot of channels:mask:

if that is House than there's been a mixup...i think its just pimped out pop :lol:

/reads own signature :mask: