02-04-2007 Magik - Lost In Trance 038

lost the web site for a couple of minutes - unfortunately I'm back
seems to be back now :S
07. Bobina feat. Elles de Graaf - Lighthouse (Sean Tyas Dub)
anybody else have Buffering trouble?
yeah i think all the servers decided to have a rest at the same time hehe

good news theyre all back after good kick lol ;)
Bobina feat. Elles de Graaf - Lighthouse (Sean Tyas Dub)

another Tyas dub! very nice !:)
another brilliant bit of track handling
Thanks Magik, thought it was just my dodgy machine
Definitely up and running - brill track
I was thinking my computer was failed the internet con!:)
08. M.I.D.O.R. - Intellectual

Vicky!...you are very inspired today/tonigh!:)
nice tune indeed! I like it!:)
09. Will B- Luz De Sol (Octagen Abajo Remix)
every transition so far brilliant - some professional we have here, we are very