02-07-2007 Lazarus Presents Back From The Dead 089

What a shame I missed the first part because the second part was brilliant.

excellent tracks and utterly brilliant sound and what a tremendous beat
excellent work.

Laz BFTD replay...
Yans Outlander and Because of You by Lustral literally blown me away beautiful songs

aceeeeeeeeeee :heartbeat:

no way to sleep tonight!

bonsoir de la france :) hello
I think this show is replayed now
ciao Lazarus and all peoples :ah:
Dan said:
yes its replayed linda !! how are you

I am good Dan,great station and great sets from Lazarus congratulations:)

Laz said:

bonsoir Lazarus this is the first time I come to this sit e and tuned it heard your mix

I need stella translate this my english is poor:

@ Stella...come dico in inglese La cazone di Annie Lennox suonata da Lazarus mi ha dato i brividi e' bellissima

This is the most beatiful set that I have heard..
Congratulations, Lazarus :)
I'm waiting for next replay - missed 1st hour...:rolleyes: