02-07-2007 Magik Presents Lost In Trance 046

Vicky Wood

May 25, 2006
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Featuring productions from Thrillseekers, Paul van Dyk,
Darren Tate & more



01. Thrillseekers - Waiting Here For You (Night Music Vocal Edit)
02. Paul van Dyk feat. Jessica Sutta - White Lies (LA Mix)
03. Sander van Doorn feat. MC Pryme - By Any Demand (Original Mix)
04. Artento Divini - Groove In Me (Club Mix)
05. Rex Mundi - Perspective (Original Mix)
06. Richard Durand - Slipping Away (Original Mix)
07. Mark Norman - Ventura (Original Mix)
08. Ron van den Beuken - Alcatrazz (Ron van den Beuken Mix)
09. Darren Tate - Echoes
10. ID - ID

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Starting pretty much anytime now, begins with a couple of nice vocal tunes, then taking a bit of a different journey after those......in fact......here we gooooooooo!
after such massive Lazarus here we go with as well awesome Magik ;)
tuned in! Sweet start:lollypop:
Welcome everyone

Enjoy the show :)
yes this is the stuff for me - excellent
you're killing me magik
chooooooooooooooon after choooooooooon :)
Perspective and Slipping away===> killers!
Now for some Mark Norman, these guys rock.....

07. Mark Norman - Ventura (Original Mix)
I'm very impressed with this set so far

It's building really nicely :biggrinking: