03-01-2008 DJ Revel - Revel's Radio Show 086

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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DJ Revel pres. Revel's Radio Show


Every Thursday you will hear the best Progressive & Trance tunes at the moment. Mixed & Recorded LIVE by DJ Revel. Be sure to tune in... I'm sure it's worth it... All tracklists & mixes for DL @ www.djrevel.net...

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>>> DJ Revel pres. Revel's Radio Show 086
>>> 03 January 2008
01. Pryda - Europe (Original Mix) [Pryda]
02. Jaytech - Pepe Garden (Original Mix) [CDR]
03. Deadmau5 vs The Police - Not Exactly Voices (Dumb Dan Edit) [CDR]
04. Hybrid - Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix) [Distinctive]
05. Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Wandii's Christmas Spirit Mix) [CDR]
06. Capetown - Cinema [Conspiracy]
07. The Blizzard - Kalopsia (Original Mix) [Armada]
08. Kenneth Thomas - Soleil Noir (Leon Bolier Remix) [Curvve]
09. Nic Chagall vs. Sander Van Doorn - Back To Riff (Katsarov-DJ Mashup) [CDR]
10. The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - Never (Filterheadz Dub Mix)

>>> Mixed Live using Vinyl & CD >>> Total Time 61:05 >>>

>>> Download: Index of /DL/RRS_086 or via AH Torrent Site
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Tuned in :wave:
Hiya peeps!! :)

I liked your set during the EYOC!! :super: I was one of those six votes you got
That cat looks as if she's staring at the Brad Pit of cats...

well i dont like brad pit :mask:

:lol: :hug:

Your cat is cute wagging its tail :)
sounds great :mml:
How goes it Athens :)

Man,it's all good here!
Weather's ok and my mood's improved a bit!Plus I'm going to some house gig tonight...:grinning:

Bout you?
Sup new yorker?:grinning:

Just got a 40 foot container in from England this morning so I'm real busy today!Nice to sit down with some cool tracks at the moment during lunch break.
t4e is there a way to see how people voted for EYOC?
:choon: :super: