03-03-2007 Kupelian Presents Ecstatic Music 09

and now for a tune that's been big at the clubs lately... :love:
hope your wife has a fast recovery dereklangold ,, this is exactly what i love pure beat i love this style:wow:
Thanks for your kind thoughts Ramballo
You are listening to the sooouuund of Kupelian!!! hahaha!! :groovy:
agree with you Ramballo its my type of beat as well
and enjoying every minute of it as well
you just keep rolling out these great tracks - impressive
this is a great intro to a brill track
This has been a brilliant set full of excellent tracks and sound
so clear, transitions so professional as well.

Thanks for a great bit of work Kupelian - I'll see you next time.
for my last track i leave with a tune... which i think will be huge to play in those open air clubs in the summer... love the vocals...